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An evening dedicated to the cause of Human Rights

Sep 2014

Music is a universal language that binds people from across castes, class, religion and belief. My association with the Hurt Foundation began last year when I did the first fund raising concert in October 2013. This non-profit, non-government organisation is constituted under Public Trust Act, in 1992 and is dedicated to fight violations of human rights and to promote human values, which are fast eroding due to many reasons. The Foundation has enlisted the services of eminent jurists, sociologists, social reformers, academicians and welfare organisations to build public opinion and to fight violations of human rights.

Strongly believing in their fight for Human rights, I instantly connected with the cause and joined hands with Zarinaji who tirelessly works to put the event together. Yesterday, 12th September was yet another Sufi evening wonderfully organized by the Hurt Foundation.

Held at Nehru Center in Mumbai, the afternoon began with a sound check with my exceptional troupe of musicians from across the country. The time spent in the green room is somewhat interesting each time.

The stage was set and so was my urge to make my audience experience something magical. With the Almighty’s blessings I took up to the stage with a beautiful list of songs planned and rehearsed for the concert.

Beginning with a lovely nazm that set the mood for the evening, I proceeded with one of my personal favourites, Khuda Wohi Hai. Amir Khusrow’s Chaap Tilak followed this soothing song. A song that narrates the story of my life, Ek Din completely absorbed the audience. In fact I lost myself through the song and found it difficult to escape the zone. Nevertheless, with a thunderous applause from the vibrant audience I moved on to beautiful songs like Sanam, Yaar Mera, Ibadat among others.

Post the interval, on audience demand I sang a lovely song by Kabir, Tera Mera Manva and moved on to some old Bollywood songs giving it my own Sufi touch. Thoroughly enjoying these songs, I sang the song that marks a beautiful turning point in my Bollywood journey, Iktara. Ending it with a wonderful medley of Sufi classics by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Saab, it left the audience mesmerised. A standing ovation from the audience left me with a wide smile.

It is always impossible without my exceptional team of musicians, Sanjoy Das, Debarpito Saha, Vinayak , Varun Sunil, Bernard Vaz and my younger son Kanishk. Mark our Sound Engineer and Kuldeep Desai my business manager are the people who make our performance look so effortless and successful.

God has blessed me with a voice that people adore. If through this blessing I can help spread some smiles, it would be the most satisfying moment for me. I am thankful to Zarinaji and the Hurt Foundation for giving me the opportunity to do my bit!