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A journey to remember Trance with Khusrow

Oct 2014

When four years ago, I was reading Khusrow’s poetry, little did I know it would take the shape of a unique album, Trance with Khusrow. It was that phase of my life where my children were growing up and exploring something new each day. Both Kavish and Kanishk have literally grown up on the stage and travelled with me across the world for my performances. While one played the Tabla for me at a very tender age, the other was my backing vocal support throughout.

Around 2010 Kanishk had got his hands on a software and had newly begun to experiment with Music Production. As a habit, whenever my mind is enlightened by a new dhun for some poetry that has stayed with me, I quickly record it. Having a studio at home is an advantage during such creative bouts.

It was one such day when I recorded Aaj Rang Hai and Kanishk began to create music for it. At this juncture, Trance music had newly been on his mind. A typical rage for a teenager. He introduced me to it and I was also flown into a beautiful space on hearing it. Within a few minutes we discussed and imagined how wonderful it would be to marry Trance and Sufi music. Understanding his age and appreciating his enthusiasm to join me in my journey, I began to compose and record it. It was ready for him to experiment and take it in the direction he wanted to. Having said that, I patiently guided him and taught him how each instrument could create great combinations and a beautiful divine feel for any composition.

The journey with Kanishk through these years in completing the album has been truly memorable. We taught each other everyday, and that’s what makes it so special. Trance with Khusrow after years of hard work and most importantly patience was locked and ready for the world. As restless and excited I could get, I kept turning sides and sleep wasn't my friend on that day too. Finally, Tuesday 7th October 2014 arrived and that was the day we decided to unveil the first single – Aaj Rang Hai. A brief backstory about the song will enrich the experience for you. Hazrat Amir Khusrow penned this song in appreciation of his Guru, Nizamuddin Auliya . In fact he had not even seen or met him before this day when his mother took him to meet Nizamuddin. The song beautifully describes the sacred Guru-Shishya relationship.

Even while conceptualising the video of the song, both Kanishk and I were determined to take a different route and interpret the song with a powerful message. We decided to promote vegetarianism and stop the killing of animals for our enjoyment. God has given us a beautiful gift of life, why kill others to enjoy it?

In the process of creating the album we wanted to bring out the true healing power of both Trance and Sufi music, and it is so satisfying to hear what people have to say about it. With eight tracks and two lovely instrumentals, Trance with Khusrow will be one of the most memorable albums for Kanishk and me.

Link to view the video :