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Jeete Hain Chal - Neerja

Feb 2016

My career in Bollywood has been qualitative and many also refer to me as being picky about the kind of songs I choose to lend my voice to. As an artist I feel truly satisfied with this philosophy I follow. Only when the lyrics touch my heart I feel connected to the song. 

A musical tribute to Amrita Pritam ji

Feb 2015
A musical tribute to Amrita Pritam Ji 
When I read Amrita Pritam Ji's biography a few years ago, I immediately fell in love with her beautiful work. During the same time a dear friend, Paramjeet Singh Ji who is an ardent fan of hers asked me if I would be willing to compose and m

Trance with Khusrow - Nominations

Feb 2015

When Kanishk started working on Trance with Khusrow at the age of 14, as a mother I felt extremely content. There's no better feeling to see your child join hands with you in order to bring out to the world a beautiful collection of songs. Each song, carefully render

Travel Diaries Gujarat!

Jan 2015

Travelling regularly is a part of my professional life and also something I thoroughly enjoy. This winter I decided to take some days off to truly go on vacation with friends. The destination we chose was Gujarat and our checklist included some unconventional activities and of course lots and lots of traditional Gujarati food.

My business manager and

Nirvana - A musical dedication!

Dec 2014
15th December is a date that changed my life three years ago. It was the day I lost my mentor, guru, guide, friend and husband, Mr. K.K.Seth. Since that year, I decided to give him a musical dedication on his death anniversary. He is the person who taught me to dream, t

Ahmedabad Diaries

Nov 2014

Spreading love and divinity through music has been very close to my heart. This time we decided to spread this love among the people of Ahmedabad. Saturday, 15th November 2014 was when Ru Ba Ru, a Live Sufi evening was organized at one of the most prestigious venue in the city, the Gujarat University

A journey to remember Trance with Khusrow

Oct 2014

When four years ago, I was reading Khusrow’s poetry, little did I know it would take the shape of a unique album, Trance with Khusrow. It was that phase of my life where my children were growing up and exploring something new each day. Both Kavish and Kanishk h

An evening dedicated to the cause of Human Rights

Sep 2014

Music is a universal language that binds people from across castes, class, religion and belief. My association with the Hurt Foundation began last year when I did the first fund raising concert in October 2013. This non-profit, non-government organisation is constituted under Public Trust Act, in 1992 and is dedicated to fight violations of human rights and to promote human values, which are fa

Concert Chronicles

Sep 2014

A rainy morning, soaked earth, picturesque scenic beauty with some soulful music and companions enroute to Pune. Saturday, 9th August 2014 marked another concert in my musical journey. This time it was for some suited people and experts of number crunching. Hosted by IIFL, the concert was held at one of the plush hotels of Pune, JW Marriott.
Something that I consider a blessing is the fa

Live Sufi concert on 12th September

Sep 2014

Sufi Concert on 12th September at Nehru 7.30pm.