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Words take wings when Kavita lends her voice to them. Whether it’s the work of greatest saints like Kabir, Bulleshah, Amir Khusrau or the lyrics of a generation next lyricist, Kavita’s soulful voice and melody enthralls the audience. Winner of many awards & accolades, Kavita regularly conducts Sufi concerts and workshops at various places including: Art of Living, Esha Foundation, Osho Foundation.

Her Achievements are as follows:

TOIFA AWARDS : Nomination + Performance at vancouver - Canada

Recently performed at Chowmahalla Palace, Hyderabad, September 23.

Recently performed at Shree Nath Dwara, Udaipur , August 20.

Recently performed at Blue Frog , Delhi on August 1.

Recently performed at Anandotsav on June 10.

Recently performed at Kolkata in Sangit Kala Mandir on 7th April 2012.

Recently performed at Ajanta Ellora Festival (Aurangabaad,Maharashtra)

Recently performed at Laxmi Vilas Palace(Vadodra)

Sufi Concert at Red Fort (New Delhi) on 16 November

Recently performed at Jodhpur RIFF(Rajasthan International folk festival)

Album Khuda Wahi has released by Times Music

Recently performed at Common wealth Games- at Qutub, Delhi.